Crossword Puzzle Dictionary: A Unique Source for Cruciverbalists

The first edition of what may be a one-of-a-kind Crossword Puzzle Dictionary contains approximately 144,000 words that make up approximately 43,000 crossword phrases and some more commonly used single words. These entries have been compiled over a period of ten to twelve years dating back to the late nineties.This all started as a crossword thesaurus or reference for the author’s personal use and not with any intent on creating a new and different crossword dictionary, at least not at the onset. Initially, I kept a small notebook and as it grew, I transferred it to computer; ultimately, it has grown into a 228 plus page dictionary of crossword phrases. This is something that is new and different to the crossword world and Cruciverbalists. The usual Crossword Dictionary deals as a reference for a single word clues but, to my knowledge, none concentrate on crossword phrases in the manner that this book does. If you are looking for 6 Letter Words then is the right place to find it.

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The Revised Edition of The Ultimate Crossword Word-Phrase Finder is an expanded version of the first edition and consists of 358 pages containing approximately 248,000 words that make up approximately 68,500 phrases along with some more commonly used single words. These crossword dictionaries and crossword puzzle help will be useful to the novice and the cruciverbalists alike. Novices will use the crossword solving resource frequently as the cut their teeth on increasingly more challenging puzzles. More experienced cruciverbalists will use this crossword puzzle assistance to find a single answer that provides the breakthrough to fill in the last unsolved corner where “Kampuchea coin” intersects with “River in southwest Zimbabwe”. Hopefully this crossword puzzle assistance will allow users to move up the ladder of crossword difficulty that makes our shared addiction so enjoyable. Many of the phrase clues in these crossword dictionaries have been entered once as it was originally written in the crossword puzzle and a second time with the noun or verb being listed first in alphabetical order. Crossword Clue Solver Example:

  • Within a Stone’s Throw; Near – Stone’s Throw, Within a; Near
  • Public Hall; Lyceum – Hall, Public; Lyceum

The purpose was to make it possible to find answers to crossword puzzles particular clue regardless of how the phrase would be worded in a given crossword puzzle. To make searching easier, concentrate on looking up the phrase as it is written, then if that fails, search using the second option. There will be instances wherein you may not find the exact answer you are looking for, but your search may give you a hint as to what the correct answer may be. My initial intent was to confine the dictionaries to crossword phrases (clues) but as time went on I started adding more commonly used single word clues with minimizes the need to reference a second dictionary. Anyone who is familiar with crossword puzzle has experienced the use of words that have had the spelling skewed to fit the puzzle. I included some misspelled entries, along with the correct spelling, especially if the misspelled word occurred on more than one occasion. Throughout the crossword dictionaries you will find a two or more word phrase with one word underlined and no apparent answer.  The underlined word within the phrase is the answer you are looking for. Example:

Clue:  ___ 360 (game console) Answer: XBOX

Clue: Seventh ______ Stretch Answer: Seventh Inning Stretch

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You will also find multiple-word phrases with no underlined word(s) or accompanying answers and in these instances the answer lies with any one or more of the words within the phrase depending upon a given crossword puzzle. The same applies with the names of persons throughout the crossword puzzle dictionaries in that either the first of last name may be the crossword puzzle solutions you are looking for. References to foreign issues are common in today’s crossword puzzles. The more common languages and countries referenced are: Africa, British, English, French, France, German, Greek, Italian, India, Indian, Spain, and Russia. In these instances, you will find that many clues making reference to these foreign countries will be listed under their respective headings and for the most part that will not be a second listing elsewhere regardless of how the phrase is worded. Other common headings are: Dance, Fabric, Goddess, Music, Musical, Mythical Norse, Polynesian, Rivers, Shakespearean, Spanish, Wines, etc. Again entries under these headings (and others) will most likely not be found elsewhere in these dictionaries.

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